Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well it has been a hectic day.... Aida went to the NICU this morning at 8:27, but she is doing well and they are going to move her tonight.  She had some issues with breathing, but the nurses and doctors at methodist are awesome and they reassure us that everything is ok.  They are one month premature after all which makes a big difference.  We spent time with her on and off all day today and tonight at around 10p she was doing great, her eyes were open and she was eating well so keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Kallison is doing great she is very active and loves to play with her hands, almost too much she keeps scratching herself in the face so I am bringing the mittens up to the hospital.  Other than that she is eating well and we have been taking her on trips around the hospital, both of the girls are so beautiful and we can't wait to take them home.  It looks like we will get to come home today (saturday) at 11a or so as long as the doc still says its ok.  Aida will stay for a few more days for observation it looks like, so we will be driving back and forth to spend time with both girls.

Kristi has been a trooper and she is ready to come home, she has been getting up and walking around and she is already doing so well with both girls.  Well I am going to take a nap, we posted some more pictures as well:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Miracles Have Arrived!!!

Kallison Grace and Aida Hope made their grand appearance today at 4:53 and 4:54 at 6.2 lbs and 5.4 lbs, mom and babies are doing great!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Take A Guess!!!

Well everyone (all two of you) it is that time, we have 2 weeks at the most left, so take a guess at what day they will arrive, Kristi and I are both guessing that it will be less than one week away!!! So this is getting exciting, leave your guess in the comments and there will be a special surprise for the winner

Kristi's guess is May 31st
Brian's guess is May 29th

Good Luck!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

One Week

Well it has been one week that I have been on bed rest. And you know it is really not that bad. Yeah I get bored but I can manage to find something to do. I do however get slightly agitated with Brian, mainly because he gets to leave the house. But I did get to go to HEB on Saturday and Sunday. So that was nice. Not much has really changed outside. But then again it has only been a week and not months. So how much can really change in a week. I still have a week to go on the meds and bed rest and then we are going to stop them and let mother nature take over from there. Hopefully she wont take her time, and we will get to meet our little angles soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mothers day

As you know we spent Mothers Day in the hospital, but it was not with out lovely surprises and a wonderful day. Brian gave me the most beautiful charm necklace. It is a family circle- it has a dad, mom and twins. It is absolutely beautiful, and it fits our little family perfectly. I told you he was great!!!

somewhere along the way....

We forgot to blog about our last baby shower. It was a diapers and wipes party on May 3. We had it here at our house and the guys grilled and the girls hung out inside, played games and socialized. And the kids played everywhere. We had an awesome turn out and received lots and lots of diapers and wipes. They should get us through the first couple of months. I also got my first set of "mom" jewelry. A dear friend of mine, Patsy who co-hosted the shower gave me a necklace that said MOM and matching earrings, and another friend, Dana gave me a charm bracelet that have twins on it. We also received a set of serving plates and the girls got some clothes. A huge thanks to everyone who came. We had a blast!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Home Again

I finally got to come home. I never thought they would let me out!!! JK it was not too bad. They sent me home with meds and bed rest. Brian anticipates that I will not follow bed rest rules without reinforcements so he called his mom to come and stay with me while he is at work. Which is probably a good thing, bc lets face it I am a little stubborn at times. But i have to remember it is not just me it is babies also. And let me tell you, even though they wanted to surprise me early. They did really well. They had great heart rates and no decelerations and were just wonderful. and after they gave me meds the contractions went away and I did not have anymore the whole time we were there. And Brian is so good. I didnt even want to go to the hospital. I kept telling him that the babies were dropping and that it was my hips that were separating and that there was no reason to call the doctor, but he had that daddy instinct and sure enough he was right. and he stayed by my side the whole time. :) he is just so good.
The doc said that i have to take the meds at least until 36 weeks which is 2 weeks away, and so that is bed rest for 2 weeks. But i must say that I think we have done really well bc most with twins have to go on bed rest a lot longer than 2 weeks. So i am very grateful that the girls are doing so well.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Third Times a Charm....almost

First things first, happy mothers day to all of you mothers out there!!!

Kristi and I had to go to the hospital on Saturday morning (she is fine).  She was feeling some pain in her back and so we got up and walked around the back yard... well she walked I sat and talked to her and after about 3o min of that she came inside and sat on the couch.  The pain was not going away and so we called the nurse through blue cross blue shield and the doctor and they recommended we go to the hospital.  We got there about 4am and by that time we figured out the pain was contractions about 10 min apart for 1-1:45 minutes each, the doctor wasn't too worried about it until he checked her cervix and she was 2 cm dilated and the labor test came back positive meaning she was in pre-term labor.  So she has been getting drugs for herself to stop the contractions and the babies to make them strong since it looks like they will have an early entrance. 

I think they wanted to surprise Kristi with an early mother's day present...themselves :), she is doing well, Kristi is a trooper, but she is ready to go home.  Looks like tomorrow is the earliest she will get to come home.  Keep her in your prayers, time for a much needed shower :).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pediatrician Interviews

Brian and I have been to interview a couple of pediatricians this week. And let me just tell you how important it is to do this. My mother laughed at me and could not figure out why we would need to interview a doctor. She said go by word of mouth and who your friends see and most likely you will like their pediatrician also. Well not so true.
Pedi A- picked randomly by walking through an office bldg. I called, made an appt and we were seen promptly, it was very personal, and she answered all of our questions without rushing us out of the door. They are a small office with 4 full time docs and 1 part time, they have saturday hours-by appt only, they have office nurse to answer questions during office hours and an answering service with Pedi nurses to answer questions. She spends any where from 30-45 minutes with patients depending on what is going on with babies. They have a separate area for well babies and sick babies. I was impressed but wanted to see what Pedi B had to offer.
Pedi B- found good reviews online, heard good things about him from Brian's co-worker. I called, made an appt for interview-she said he does interviews the 2nd thursday every month at 1pm. Ok- We will be there. Upon arrival I noticed that there was not a separate waiting area for well and sick babies. We were placed in a conference room with 6-7 other couples. It was very impersonal. They have a huge office with 7 full time docs and 3 triage nurses during office hours and an answering service with pedi nurses at night. They have office hours 7 days a week. And he sees about 6 patients an hour or roughly spends about 15 minutes with each one. He tells us about the office and Then we get to ask questions, a couple of people asked and then I asked about twins. He laughed and gave some wise crack answer that I was just not so impressed with. Needless to say we will not be choosing him for our pedi doc.
It just goes to show you how important it is to meet this person who is going to be caring for your child for the next 18 yrs. The one with no references or referrals was the better choice for me and Brian. The one that had referrals and references and all the bells and whistles is not the one that is right for Brian and I.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ok its official

We got our baby license or is it a diploma? Well we finished our "baby's first steps" class from Methodist hospital today and it was a great class four weeks from 6:30 - 9 or so and what did we learn? Well we learned a lot and tonight i changed a diaper, granted it was clean, and on an infant doll, but hey its a start right :). I'm sure there will be plenty of time to practice times two. Our instructor was really good and she was so energetic even when our class was fading after working all day and going to class all night. I think we learned a lot, like what babies really look like when they come out, hint hint its not the "gerber baby" look, so that was good, we also talked a lot tonight about the first few weeks what to expect, it was a great class all and all, especially since i have never really been around babies too much, except when I was a baby and almost dropped my brother. My parents tell me I wanted to take him back for a baby sister, well I guess in a round about way i got my wish times two. Its going to be a wild ride, and everyone is getting excited, 3 -5 weeks at the most and Kristi has been doing so well, she is definitely going to be a great mom, although she smacked the baby doll's head on the table pretty hard and that almost sent me into a laughing fit because of the last time see post: for details. It was one of those, you had to be there moments, but luckily i was able to control myself. We also got signed up for CPR baby and regular for Saturday so that is good, I even get to take the health care professionals one because Kristi is a nurse.

Well I guess it is time for bed, it was a long day today. We need to sleep while we can :) 

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Office Baby Shower

Office Baby Shower, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

I would like to thank all of my coworkers for a great baby shower at County Line BBQ. Our office is great and we got a Pack and Play (pictures coming soon) which will come in handy when we go on trips with the babies. Its amazing all of the fun gizmos that they have invented for babies that weren't around when others had babies.

Friday, May 2, 2008

32 weeks & Counting

We have not really posted anything on the last couple of doctors visits, so I thought I would go ahead and update that information. We started weekly visits with Dr. Higby as of our last visit with him on the 29th of April. He is going to be doing ultrasounds and non stress testing at each visit. Dr. Young is still seeing us every 2-3 weeks. Right now you are both growing very well. When you were weighed last time Kallison was 3.0lbs and Aida was 2.14lbs. You're experiencing a growth spurt right now and this week you should be close to 4 lbs each. Not too mention that mommy is very hungry all the time. All i want to do is eat and sleep and do it again... all day long. But I manage to find the energy to get some stuff done. You girls kick all the time and are constantly on the move. At the doctor last week, he told us that both of you were head down, which is good. That is what we wanted. Hopefully you stay that way!! And we also got to see that you both have a little hair, so we know that you are not going to be completely bald. :) We are go to our weekly baby class every monday, we only have one left. But that will be a good one, its going to teach all the stuff we are suppose to know how to do when you get here. Like change a diaper, swaddle you in a blanket, how to hold you. You know the basics. Daddy is going to be going to "daddy boot camp" here in a few weeks. That should be fun times for him. I know he is a little excited.
We are having our last baby shower this saturday may 3. You girls are so blessed to have so many people that love you, you just dont even know yet.
Luv U!

Identical Triplets*!!!!

Identical Triplet Girls in San Antonio
*No we are not having triplets..

LOL ok I realized after writing that title that some people will think that we are having triplets, no that is not the case. But the couple in the story above is, identical triplet girls no less and in San Antonio. It must be something in the water, so if you want multiples move to San Antonio. Now theres some logic for you :). Well that should be interesting for them, I couldn't imagine three, two is going to be enough work as it is LOL, but it is the most rewarding job ever. FTA the dad joked' “I was hoping for boys,” he said.'. Maybe next time dad, identical quadruplet boys (is that possible?) then they could almost have a whole futbol team!!! I never really cared what the sex of our babies would be, I just want them to be happy and healthy, and when we found out they were girls i realized i have no idea what to expect.

But this Book that Kristi's brother Sam got for me has been a real eye opener it is called "Strong Father, Strong Daughter" and it is great. It has helped me get prepared for taking on this role of raising our kids in a world where morals and values change like the wind. I know we are going to have a lot of fun, but it is going to be a lot of work as well keeping them level-headed with our grandparents (and everyone else) trying to spoil them :). One of the things in the book says they should be pioneers not princesses which makes a lot of sense because princesses come to expect everything whereas pioneers work for what they want. This will allow them to grow up to be independent, strong women. This is what we want for our daughters.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby Shower

Brian and I had baby shower number 4 yesturday during lunch with his office. They took us to lunch at County Line BBQ, bought us a wonderfully delicious white and chocolate cake. and they all chipped in and got us our pack in play from Babies R us. This was a great surprise and we are so very thankful for all the people in our lives that have are there to celebrate with us in this magical time in our lives!!!