Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brian and Aida

Brian and Aida, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

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The Girls First Baseball Game

n25416710_36181663_2813396, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

Kallison and Aida went to their first baseball game last night and it was great!! They got to see the Henry's Puffy Taco, Whataburgerman and of course Ballapeno (a giant jalapeno wearing a baseball uniform) and they didn't cry, probably because they were far away. The San Antonio Missions lost 2-5, but it was fun. We stayed until after the 7th inning stretch and took off afterward.

The girls did great though, they made some friends (as always) waved at the baseball players and had a great time in general. It was Military Appreciation night and the players were wearing some really cool camouflage jerseys, its awesome that they support our men and women of the armed forces (go Brad!!).

These games are fun because unlike the huge MLB games we can do a whole game for less than $40 or so. And those are the top dollar seats ($10), people are so friendly at these games too and we will be going back soon (Saturdays are fireworks nights). Go Missions!!!