Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, new and experienced :). This was one crazy weekend and it was everything I could have asked for. Friday night we met with our great fellowship team and hung out and talked about life, the half marathon, and in general had a great time. These people have become such good friends and it is great to have them in our lives.

Saturday was the big race day, I am so proud of my beautiful bride she has done awesome in her running journey. It was HOT on Saturday and the course was a loop trail 4 times around between 3-4 miles each leg. The first two legs I felt great, the third was tiring and the fourth was just plain mean, but I completed the race in 2:26:41.9. I was not last place in my age group this time either LOL. My goal was to be less than 2:30 so I am happy with the time especially in the heat I thought I would die on the fourth lap it was the most grueling thing I have done, and in November I have to do it twice LOL I must be crazy. Thanks to all the supporters and fellow runners from Gateway Fellowship, you Rock!!!!

Sunday was awesome as well, after church we went out to lunch with the Rios family, what an awesome family they are, we love hanging out with them. Then we got to go home and take a much needed nap and go hang out with some friends at the park where I played basketball and then some sand soccer. Lets just say my legs are sore today and it is difficult to walk, a great time was had by all.

Girls did great all weekend, but they are getting more and more curious about things like tablecloths, crab rangoons, and anything else that can be taken off the table when going out to eat. We love them!!!

Oh yeah and last but not least Aida took a few great steps at church on Sunday, she stood up and we were all watching and she took one step and we all started clapping, and then another, more clapping, and a few more after that, what a great fathers day!!! The girls got me some sweet cards and an iTunes gift card, but the best gift of all was time with them this weekend, and they let Kristi and I take a nap on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes its the little things that mean so much.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Steps

Kallison took her first steps yesterday. she only took a couple and fell down. but she was super cute when she did it. And Aida is right behind her walking with her little push walker. My babies are growing up so fast!!! Im not ready!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Uh OH!

IMG_3081, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.


IMG_3085-bw, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

Aida says "I wont tell if you dont tell!"

Family Pic

IMG_3524, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

Family Pic

IMG_3524, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

Thanks for the Cards!

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DSC_3151.JPG, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

Likes to play with her cards also. They are so much fun!

Happy birthday cards

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Kallison is having fun opening and eating her birthday cards from nana barbie and ted and some from grandmolly and granpa wes

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One Year Check Up

So the girls went in for their one year check up. They are doing great. They got the usual shots and all that fun stuff that goes with well checks. But they had a special little surprise at the end of the visit. Mommy got them their ears pierced for their birthday. So the doctor came in with his special stuff and pierced the girls ears. I will post pics later. They cried for about 10 minutes and then that was it. They are such troopers when it comes to shots and stuff. And they look so cute!! Happy Birthday Girls!!