Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Golden Girls

IMAG0017, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

We went to visit Brian's grandmother a few weeks ago. She is beyond an amazing woman and she adores the girls. We wanted to give her a whole day to her self with the girls. Knowing that her house was far from baby proof, we made the drive and spent the day with her. She made us a delicious lunch and we played outside in the grassy area. She invited all her coffee friends to come and see the girls and have lunch with us. Brian and I were eating at the dining room table and they were at the breakfast table. When we walked in there to put our dishes away, this is what we found. Kallison sitting so calmly in the chair at the table, just enjoying the conversation. and by the look on their faces, they are enjoying her just as much.
This picture is priceless and absolutely made the trip !


March 2010

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WOW! I cant believe it has been since December that we have blogged about anything. That should give you a hint that the little ladies are keeping us rather busy. They are getting sooo big. They dont walk anymore... they run, in opposite directions and they run fast. They are talking a little, mostly words that only brian and i can understand. Sign language is their main form of communicating with us. They can do about 12 signs each and we learn more every week. They are back to mothers day out and love going. The love to be outside and love playing on their new playground and in the pool. They love the pool with or with out water.
That catches you on about all the stuff going on around our house.