Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nothing Since Christmas?

Where have the Cordeau's gone?
Well let me tell you...
No where! We are still here. Brian is working hard. He had his intership approved and will start in May and hopefully finish up his Masters Degree in December. Im so very proud of him.
Im on target to lose 100lbs in 2011. January I lost 10.4 lbs and February I lost 3.4lbs.
February was kind of a rough month all the way around. I was sick and when I wasnt sick one of the girls were.
And then I worked A WHOLE LOT for me. But everything in our house was breaking down.
First: An after hours plumbing call that put us back $350.00
Then: A faulty transmission in our washing machine. After an $80 service call for him to tell me that it was more expensive to fix then to buy a new one. So off to Lowes we go. A nice new washing machine $550.00
And to finish out the month of hemorrhaging money, our garbage disposal done disposing, and there is water backing up in the sick. GROSS! Eventually it got fixed... approximate cost $250.00 and way to much time and stress.
So with my optional nursing job, when they called, I went. Lots of long nights with some super crazy people. Not a whole lot of sleep. But its good I was sick for a week with bronchitis, bc that really was a chance for me to pay it forward to the sleep fairy.
But its all good. You have Let Go and Let God!
We have a goal to pay off the last 9k of our debt asap! So along with all the stuff we had to fix, we still managed to pay about $1300 to my bff sallie mae! Dave would be so proud!
The girls are great! I cant believe I have almost 3 year old twins! WHAT?
I promise I am going to be better about posting more, so that you dont have to read an entire two months worth of info in one ginormous post!