Thursday, September 25, 2008

A special blog!

This blog has nothing to do with our girls. It is about a family in NV who has identical girls who have what they call "childhood alzheimers disease". The actual name is Niemann-pick type C. You may have seen the show "the Doctors" this week and they were on it talking about their story. This disease is fatal, there is no cure. You may be asking yourself why is this important to this family and why am i blogging about it. Well as you may or may not know, we have identical twin girls. But mainly because i have a true passion for people with Alzheimer's disease in the adult, geriatric population. And even though it is not really the same type of disease mechanisms. It seems to affect the body the same way, with the loss in muscle tone, loss of memory, loss of ability to eat, talk, and walk. It takes some very strong parents and girls to wake up everyday not knowing if it is their last one. I am posting a link to their blog and on their blogs they are doing a thing called "Send us a Wish", they are trying to reach a million. So if you have time and feel like reading their story then click the link and send them a wish while you are there.

Addi & Cassi Hempel

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Grandmolly and Grandpa Wes

Due to mass power outages brought by Hurricane Ike we got the pleasure of spending this week with the Grandmolly and Grandpa Wes, it is always great when they can come visit. The girls love them so much and vice versa :). Mom even got to feed both girls at the same time, not sure how that is possible, but she did it. It is great to have some help around the house and who is more qualified than loving grandparents? Nobody, that one of the only bad things about being in San Antonio is that we are not closer to either set of Grandparents, but maybe they will move here some day hint hint LOL.

This was a great week and the girls had fun yesterday as well, our Church was doing water baptisms so they got to spend some time outside socializing with the congregation.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

First day of "school"

DSC01848.JPG, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

I have prayed long and hard to find a mothers day out program that will take the girls. I called and no place had space and I only put our name on one waiting list (the one we really wanted) and they called this week. And the girls went on Thursday. Brian, Molly and I went and dropped them off and met their "teacher". We all had a very good feeling about leaving them, everyone was so super nice. When we went to pick them up, they were relaxing in a bouncer and a swing, just hanging out, they ate, and "played" and there are two boys in their class and that is it. Them, 2 boys and 2 teachers. The church is wonderful and it came on a recommendation from a friend. (thanks stephanie!!!).
And this gives me a much needed break on Tues & Thurs from 9-2 to do what ever it is mom's are suppose to do without their children. Hmm any suggestions?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And the milestones just keep coming...

Aida rolled over today and gave the same surprised look. She only did it once, and poor Kristi missed it because she was at the store. Maybe she will do it again later tonight. We will see.

Another First and Milestones

Today Kallison turned over three times in a row, it was a wild scene because Kristi was out of the room and I was yelling "Baby get in here Kallison is turning over" but she couldn't hear me so I had to go get her. Just in time she came out to watch her do it again. It was exciting times in the Cordeau house today. Kallison looked pretty confused when she actually turned over, it was exciting.

This got me to thinking about Milestones and what they are and what they mean. So many times in our lives we celebrate these moments in time that have meaning, wedding days, birth of children, high school graduations, etc but what are we really celebrating? It is the "stuff" (love, work, studying, etc) that went into reaching the milestone that we are celebrating.

So everyday should be a celebration because everyday is one step closer to the next milestone.

Think about it and then celebrate because the next milestone is just around the corner!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

a weekend of first's

A fun filled weekend full of first's for everyone. Saturday was the girls first night to stay with someone for more than a couple of hours and someone that was not family. They stayed with Auntie Shae and Uncle Eric, while mommy and daddy went to see Jack Ingram. While they were there, they also got their first pedicures. They have pretty pink toes now!!! Yay!!! Then on Sunday, it was their first time to go to the church nursery. They did great at the nursery and at auntie Shae's house. Mom and Dad had fun times also.!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

kallison & aida

kallison & aida, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

future doctors. They make a pretty cute surgical team if i do say so myself.!!! Kallison just wants to have fun and Aida is very serious about the situation!!!

Mommy loves playing dress up~~~

Monday, September 1, 2008

carrots and ranch

carrots and ranch, originally uploaded by laurenfdot.

Kallison was in a licking mood so auntie kendra let her lick a carrot with ranch... YUMMERS!!!!

Lake Travis

Lake Travis sunset, originally uploaded by PhotoGrandma.

First Lake trip. We took the girls to Auntie Kendra's graduation party at the lake house that overlooks Lake Travis. They had a blast.

Fredericksburg Brewing Co.

Fredericksburg Brewing Co., originally uploaded by bethers.

That same day we continued driving on into fredericksburg tx and took the girls shopping through all the fabulous stores there. They did so great. ( I wonder where they get their love of shopping from!!) Brian and Grandpa Wes wanted to go get a beer and mom and grandmolly needed a winerita and the girls were craving some fancy formula.

First BBQ

DSC01826.JPG, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

this is Brian, Grandmolly, Kallison & Aida at Riley's BBQ in Blanco TX. the best BBQ place in the hill country. This was the girls first time to a BBQ place!!!