Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Date Night!!!!

Kristi and I got to have an unexpected date night last night. I came home and our friend John and his daughter were at the house playing with the babies and out of the blue he said why don't yall go out, we'll take care of the babies. Such great friends we have, so we got dressed in 10 seconds flat and were out the door before they could change their mind LOL, just kidding.

We went to Texas Roadhouse, one of our favorite places and had steak for an early birthday dinner since we never know when we will get to go out. It is nice to sometimes just be a couple, even if it is only for a few hours :). Its hard to find time to be alone with each other, but its true that it makes it more special when we can find that time more special. So we had a great dinner and I was just thinking how good the "Awesome Blossom" from Outback would taste and they had a baby version for two people at TR which was great because we don't like Outback.

Next time we get to go out we are going to play putt putt, somehow I always win....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

two month check up

Kallison weighs 9lbs 2oz. 21.5 inches long
Aida weighs 8lbs 14 oz. 21 inches long.
Both girls are doing really well. they are in the 10th percentile for everything. We changed their medication to one that they both can take and that is not so expensive. And we went back to 20 cal formula. That means that mommy does not have to concentrate the fancy formula anymore. We are going back in a month for a weight check. YAY!!! Girls!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

aida & kallison

DSC_1249.JPG, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

Two months old!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

8 week update

To the Girls:
You girls are getting so big. Mommy and Daddy have learned alot about you already and your little personalities shine through. You went on your first roadtrip and you went to church for the first time and you continue to have visitors all the time. Last time we went to the doctor Aida weighed 7.4lbs and Kallison weighed 7.13lbs, that was about 2 weeks ago. I am pretty sure that you are weighing over 8lbs now. We are still trying to get your formula and feedings all straightened out, but we are working on it. We are going to get your two month shots at the end of this month. I am sure that I will write about the experience. And I am almost sure that it will hurt me more than it hurts you.
Love you girls!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Road Trippin....

This weekend we took the girls on their first road trip!!!! it was great, we went to houston to visit my parents and grandma (the girls great grandma) and she was so excited to see them. The girls did great, they slept all the way from San Antonio to Houston even through the gas station stops. Then when we got there they ate and slept good as well, makes the grandparents think they do this all the time LOL. Kristi and I got to go on a couple of "dates" out to lunch and searching for an iPhone :) (unsuccessfully i might add) and Kallison and Aida got to get spoiled. They even got some more clothes from Grandmolly, Nanny, Jan and May, they are going to be (I mean already are) so spoiled. They are also on some new formula which has helped them out a lot, they may have some sort of cow milk allergy. Well time for a movie, it has been a long day. I figure we will be unpacked just in time for the next trip in August to Midland :).

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nurse to Mom...

This is a transition that i am having a hard time making. In all my training, education and experience I have been told and learned that if someone is showing outward signs of distress then there is a medical reason why and the ultimate goal is to find out what the reason is. I go through all the usual series of questions like dirty, hungry, gassy, in obvious pain, and is it their reflux and is it time for their medicine. And if they continue to show signs of distress then there is a medical reason behind it and i have to find what it is. However... this does not apply to newborns, infants or children. So for the last 5 weeks, every time one of the girls cry I do what any nurse would do and that is an assessment. It is encoded in my brain that if you see signs of distress you do an assessment and figure it out. So i do. and with my results, i turn to books or the internet and look up the signs and symptoms that i have found. And with the results that google gives me usually sends me into this slippery slope of internet searches that ultimately leads to me thinking that the girls have some strange rare disease that only 1 other person in the world has or a variety of issues as you can imagine. In turn i have called the doctor and have worked myself into a frenzy because there is something wrong with my girls. I am not going to run through all the things that I have thought were wrong with them or how many times i have called the doctor.
Everyone tells me to stay away from the internet and books because they are normal healthy babies doing what babies do. And sometimes babies cry because they want to and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Brian has adjusted well to this and I for some reason cannot grasp the concept that these little people cry and cry and there is nothing wrong with them. But I am trying, I dont want to drive the girls, brian, or myself any crazier than I already am trying to find something wrong with them,but it is very hard for the nurse in me to stay dormant. But I am trying and I have admitted that there is a something wrong and admitting is the first step to resolving the issue. or some crap like that. :)

Thanks for all the reassurance!!!