Friday, September 25, 2009

No more snuggles...

So for 17 months the girls have not slept apart. Until Now. Apparently they have decided that eating human is ok and we have entered the biting stage head on!!! Both girls are participants, and only seem to want to bite each other and sometimes us. So because they sometimes get frustrated with each other while they are in the same bed and the only way to solve those frustrations are to bite, they have now started sleeping in their own beds. They sleep fine. Then they talk to each other and do stuff and laugh. So im really the one that has a hard time with this. Im really sad actually. I think that i am going rearrange their furniture so that they can at least touch each other, just in case they miss each other.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keep the Change Girls!!

Well this weekend we decided to do something for our girls that should be a good way to force us to put away money for the girls. At Bank of America they have a "keep the change" savings account where basically whatever change is left from your purchase will go into a savings account. So say you spend 3.50 at Starbucks, your transaction will be rounded to $4.00 and the other $.50 will go into the savings account. On a side note I dont think you can buy anything at starbucks for 3.50 anymore. This is a good way to put money away without even missing it, because it is only a little at a time, but over 18 years it will add up :). We have one for Aida and one for Kallison and if they get money for birthdays, Christmas, etc it will go right to these accounts also, pretty cool way of saving money for the girls Harvard education, or medical school, they haven't really decided yet...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What? You're missing a Tooth!!

Thats right! Aida is missing a tooth. I know what you're thinking, she's too little to lose a tooth. And you're right! She did not lose it the good ol' fashion way... NOOOOO!! She did it with style- the Cordeau way!
Brian and I are very talented, we have lots of great skills. However, Grace is not one of them. Brian and I are two of the most clumsy people you will ever meet, so it is no doubt that our beautiful children would inherit this unfortunate gene. We have by the Grace of God been very fortunate that we have not had any worse accidents up until now. 16 months is a long time to go with out any major problems. But our 16 mos accident free record flew right out the window yesterday.
Aida was running down the drive way yesterday morning while we were loading up to go to school. She fell (like she often does) and only shed about two tears. And was ready to go again. So she gets in the car, and i hand her her ego and we are on our way. We get to school and I notice that she has a goose egg on her forehead, and her knees are skinned up. But she is good to go. She goes to school, has a great day. I was sure to tell her teacher to watch for signs and symptoms of head injury. Her teacher is a registered nurse, so she knows exactly what to look for. So Im not concerned. I pick them up from school and she is fine. They did all kinds of fun stuff including coloring a picture. So its when Im on the floor talking to her and Low and Behold.... she is missing her front tooth!!! So I go into mommy panic mode and begin to call pediatrician and the dentist and whoever else will answer their phone. Luckily only a few people answered and had to listen to my crazy rambling about what a horrible mother i am...blah blah blah.
So we take her to the dentist and he feels around, and looks and she bites his finger and he says that she is OK. And it looks like it just got pushed back up through her gums. And that it should eventually emerge again like a normal tooth. So that was good news. Because let me tell you i was already trying to mortgage my house to afford flippers for her to wear until she was 9 and that big girl tooth came in. Rest assure, my house is not on the market, and my pretty little lady will get her tooth back as quickly as it disappeared. And her mommy is doing much better today. I dont feel like the worst mom in the world any more.
Thank you for all your emails, concerning phone calls, and prayers. They are so appreciated. God knows these little girls need lots of prayers, look at who their parents are.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Cordeau's at the Midland Duck Pond

What a whirlwind trip we had this week to Odesssa, Midland, Marfa, and Balmorhea, I am pretty sure we put about 1500 miles in total on our trip and let me say the girls did great!! We left San Antonio Tuesday night and drove to Odessa after a stop at Dairy Queen. This was a funny stop because there was about 7 cars in the parking lot, but nobody inside eating. It was a little freaky i guess :). We got to Odessa at about midnight and we were exhausted. Driving those roads at night we had to drive slow after getting off I-10 and saw about 30+ deer on the side of the roads just waiting to jump out in front of us LOL.

Once we arrived safely we all went to bed, Kristi's mom even got up to help us get situated, the new room on their house is awesome. It stays cool and has a 73inch HDTV, great for football and we watched Cars on it and it was sweeeeeeeeeeeet!! On Wednesday we went to visit the nursing home where her mom, tia and Stacy work, I'm pretty sure that all of the residents, employees and anyone else who will listen know everything about Kallison and Aida LOL. They made lots of new friends at the home and even tried to escape a few times. They got to play with the big dogs at the home and walked around the back for a while also. A great time was had by all. I even got to meet the head gardener and saw all the tomatoes and other veggies he was growing.

That evening we got to have some awesome chicken fried steak!! and Pibb Zero which we can't find in san antonio for some reason, we like Pibb Zero.

Thursday we headed over to Midland for a full day. We went to the duck pond (Duck Pond Pictures) and the girls had a blast feeding the ducks, the geese were pretty mean though. Kallison and Aida liked the ducks until they surrounded them and then they were not too happy about them. One of the ducks stole a cookie from Kallison!! The pics on flickr are hilarious! Next we went to the MARC park in Midland also called Opportunity park and spent some time playing on the slides, swings, etc. They love to be outside but it got pretty hot so we headed over to the children's museum, they traveled the U.S. U.S. Video, played at the beach, were on TV, went to a bank, etc at the museum it was great, but mostly it was nice to be indoors in the A/C.

After we left the museum we went to Sonic (never again, except for sodas at happy hour) and for some reason the sonic in midland is 20% more expensive then the one in Odessa. Not to mention Kristi's burger looked like it went through a tornado before it came out :). Everytime we go to sonic anywhere it seems like they 1. Mess up an order and 2. are way overpriced. I think we are done with that place.

Next we went to Hospice of Midland (forgot to add this earlier) and spent some time there showing off the girls and chatting. They did not like the puppets, maybe too young for that, but we had a great visit. They do some amazing work there and are a great group of people.

In the evening we went to Sam and Angie's house for some family, food and fun (lots of fun). I think they were surprised about how big Kallison and Aida are and that they can walk LOL. Sydney and Shelby had fun playing with their cousins and then we all hopped on the trampoline for a while. Ok I am pretty sure i had the most fun with that, we were playing keep away, soccer tag (Sydney invented that game), and then more keep away. I think we all played for about 2 hours on the trampoline LOL. These girls are getting big and we had a blast! Thanks to Angie for taking some great pics: Seeing Double. Lori and her girls stopped by to visit also and Payton came out to play on the trampoline also, Sam and Angie had a full house LOL, good times were had by all.

(next post will be about the rest of our trip...)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazy Weekend

Where do the weekends go? Kristi and I had an awesome, but crazy weekend and as I write she is getting us ready for our vacation.

So here goes Saturday we got our Plasma TV put on the wall finally and it came out really nice looking, it was something we wanted to do for a while but just finally realized it needed to be done sooner rather than later since the girls are getting into everything. After that was put up we took a nap and then went to go see the San Antonio Missions Baseball game with Brad and Soraya. It was great. Kallison loves cotton candy, Aida wouldn't touch the stuff. Although finally she did eat a little bit, when we weren't looking, maybe she wasn't sure what it was LOL. We all had fun and the girls got to see the giant Jalapeno (Ballapeno) and Henry the Puffy Taco.

Aida started crying when the little boy was chasing the Puffy Taco and tackled it, she is funny about things like that. The girls also got to go play on the grassy hill with Brad and Soraya and it was fun. They love to walk all around and say hi to everyone and especially wave.

The grand finale of the night was the fireworks show sponsored by the Tobacco Prevention group, it was awesome!! They really did a great job with the show, it was a salute to college football with pictures on the screen and the school songs as well. What a deal for less than $10 per ticket, $10 at a professional game wouldnt even get you a coke :).

We met some other twins at the game as we were leaving who were just 4 months old, so tiny, the parents had a whole entourage of family and friends with them, LOL.

Sunday was a busy day as well, we went to church and heard a great message about being humble and the dangers of pride. Next we went to a birthday party (after a long nap), so many babies are turning 1 lately LOL. Happy Birthday Andrew S.!! His parents went all out for this party and we all had fun, the bouncehouse was HUGE!! I wish we could have stayed longer. Next we went to family hangout and stayed till about 9pm playing in the sand, some volleyball (not good for my ankle) and in general having fun with friends. We really enjoy going to these events and its a great way to get to know people. The girls got to play in the sand, and walk all around in the grass, they love to practice their walking skills!!

All in all it was a fun weekend, and Monday started off great with a visit to the park after work. Its nice to be able to watch the girls slide down slides, climb little rock walls and swing on the swings. It's sad when we think it is nice outside when the temp drops below 100 :).