Tuesday, November 13, 2007

7 Weeks

Today you are 7 weeks and growing. We have an appointment on Thursday and we get to see your little heartbeat. Me and daddy are so excited!!!! We bought some jelly beans to help us count down until you arrive. And cause me and daddy like jelly beans. I have been eating alot of salads lately, and tacos. I'll be lucky if you dont come out with a head of lettuce and a taco for a body...

6 Weeks

Well you are a growing little thing... And mommy sure is tired. I can't have caffiene anymore, because it is not so good for you, and I definately dont want you to come out all kinds of hyperactive and crazy... that will be genetic and we dont need to help it along. On top of being crazy tired, I am also nauseas. And the CRAVINGS are out of control!!!!

First Appointment! 10/25/07

Thursday, 10/25/07, we saw Dr. Young OB/GYN, he is my regular GYN so I didn't have to look for one. Thank goodness. We did the usual stuff and then we determined that I was about 5.5 weeks along. He said my cervix looks good and my uterus is growing... i never knew how excited i would be to hear those words. It was too soon to look at the baby/heartbeat but we have an appointment in 2 weeks and then we should be able to see something! WOW

One Last Test!!! 10/24/07

I wanted to take one more test before we went to the appointment, just to make sure. Which brings the grand total to 9!!!!
WOW!!! I think that is obsessive!

Before the Blog!!!

I am going to have to back track a few dates before we get all caught up to today and then we will be up to date!!!!

We're PREGNANT!!!!

I woke Brian up at 4:30am on Monday, 10/22/07 and showed him the positive pregnancy test!!!!! I decided to take it because I had actually taken 6 in the preceeding weeks and they were all negative, so i waited a week and took this one before i went to work. And low and behold, it was positive!!!!!!
I was not really sure what I was reading this am so on the way home from work I stopped and go another package of test and took 2 simultaneously when I got home. And they were still positive!!!!!!
I guess I will make an appointment tomorrow!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


ultrasound-11-8-2007, originally uploaded by cordeauphotos.

This is our first ultrasound. Looks like a little tadpole...who knew that it would grow up to be two!