Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fiesta 2008

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Since Brian and I were downtown over the weekend for our "Babymoon" we decided that if the moms and tia could spare a few hours we would take them to dinner on the river. And catch the last of the Flambeau Parade. We had a great meal at Luciano's Italian Restaurant. And caught the last little bit of the Parade. And we managed to pick up some beads and a halo along the way!!! Even then girls got beads!!!

The Nursery

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Our moms and Tia came down from Midland and Houston to decorate our nursery last weekend. Our great friends John & Sofia came to help also. And they sent us to the Marriot Plaza for a romantic get away weekend. When we finally saw the nursery on Sunday, it absolutely took our breath away!!! They did such an awesome job!!! Words cant even explain how great it looks and how thankful we are that we have these kinds of people in our life.
They worked some on friday and all day on saturday to finish. Brian and I picked out the colors and the bedding and they went with it making it the best place for us to bring our girls home too.
Check out the rest of the nursery pictures on our flicker page, a link is at the bottom under favorites titled "our photos". I'm a little jealous, it looks like they had a blast doing it.!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

RE: The Awaited Arrival

Ha ha Daddy is not calm as Mommy thinks, he is just worried about other things right now, like how to finish a 25 page paper, a 10 page assignment and the other 1/2 of another 25 page paper, but somehow it will work itself out. And by somehow I mean I won't be sleeping much for the next two weeks...and then there will be about +- three weeks left till the arrival, and thats when the sleep really stops (so I'm told). We are getting prepared as we can by going to classes, spending lots of time together, and getting stuff around the house done, but i really don't think it will hit me until the day it all happens which is kind of weird i guess. You go to the hospital as a couple and come home as a family. You go only having to worry about yourselves and you come home with two babies who depend on you for everything. That is pretty heavy, luckily we have a great support system around us even though our families are far away in Houston and Midland/Odessa they have already done so much for us and are going to help us the first month try to get organized and into a routine which will help out ALOT. Here's a fun article about new dads http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/22116/36160-top-ten-things-new-dad its a funny one and serious one.

Also the reason I am up I think, besides the Coke zero from Steve at 2p, the Coffee (from Joe Momma's) I had at 4p after our doc appt and the Diet Coke I had during class, is because of a text message from my parents with an early anniversary surprise, we are staying on the Riverwalk this weekend courtesy of my parents. Love yall.

Oh yeah and while we are doing that the grandmas and Tia are going to be decorating the nursery so we will have some good pictures up on Sunday, I told you, they are great!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Awaited Arrival

We went to the doctor today and their little heartbeats are nice and strong and positions are still the same Kallison is head down and Aida is breech. He said that when the time comes and we do the ultrasound and both babies are head down I can deliver naturally but if one is breech then we will have to do a c-section. He also said that he has only delivered one or two sets of twins that went to term. So what he was saying was that twins arrive typically between 34-36 weeks. Which means our little bundles of joy will be here in 3-5 weeks. We are very excited and we cant wait to meet them. But seeing as how close they are in arrival means that mommy is nervous. Daddy is very calm-mommy is a nervous wreck, I thought i would be pregnant forever or at least a little while longer. But I guess when they are ready they will come and I guess that will be in 3-5 weeks.!!!

Blessed Little Angels!!!

Saturday April 19, Brian and I had another shower given in our honor by a close friend of the family Jan Bragg. It was a very beautiful shower at a sweet little tea room in houston. We received more items from our registries and I would like to thank the persons who attended for everything. Here are the persons and the gifts that we received.
Jan Bragg hosted the shower and also gave us our skip hop lamp and wall organizer, and purple outfits. Bob & Debbie Nicks-sterilizer & 2 bouncers, Jessica & Mike Stringer and Anna Richards-2 activity gyms, wiggle balls, rattles, discovery farm books, baby relief kit, and baby monitors. Rebecca Martinez-Brian's Diaper bag, Pat Neal-Diaper changer organizer, Candy George-Boppy Pillow, Gwen Hanson-Purple footie outfit, Margie Haidinyak-Skip Hop blanket, pink sheets, 2 outfits. Estelle Jackson- bath toy holder, 2 towel sets, purple outfit. Ronnie & Janelle Rice- Target gift card, Dorothy Rice-Babies R Us gift card, Paula Alford "nanny"- glider and ottoman, Grandmolly & Granpa-furniture for the nursery.
Random gifts along the way-Michelle Arrington-Diaper genies with 2 refills, Lydia Perkins-Clothes, Vera Maldonado- ruffle butt outfits, Carolyn Sullivan- 2 pkgs of diapers, 2 pkgs of onesies, pkg of 6 bibs.
Brian and I are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that want to shower our little girls with everything that they will need for the first years of life. We are so much more appreciative than anyone will ever know. And our girls will be sure to know how much they are loved by all of these wonderful people in our lives. Thank you so much to everyone!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


So Brian and I have been really good at taking pictures of everything that the girls have gotten and thanking everyone individually on each gift. and as much as we would like to continue this there is just way too much stuff and we received soooo much stuff at our baby showers this last weekend. I sent out individual thank you letters to every one. But thought I would go through the list and thank every one on our blog also.
Starting with the Seabury and Friends Shower in Odessa: Cindy, Stephanie and Perkins family-Burp Cloths, Body suits and money
Aunt Nelda-Money, Lydia & Aunt Judy-Tub, bath items, and dreft, Susana-Bath stuff for mommy, drying rack, diapering kit, Staci, Talmie, & Jaiden-Formula carrier, nipple dryer, bottle brush, wipes & warmer, and bath stuff, Lidia Olivas-Pink dresses, Joann Reep-Dallas Cowboy Booties, Ruffle butt outfits and ducky suits, Balvina Morales-Diapers, bottle brushes, medication kits, curl holder, hand print kit, Nanna Barbie-bobby pillows, book, socks, car bottle warmer, bibs, onesies, healthcare kit, pacifier thermometer. Rico- meddie nursers, headbands, yellow dress, and mermaid onesies, Tia- dresses, pooh suits, blanket, bunny slippers, mittens, socks, various baby stuff, and Brian's Gift. Vera Moldonado- Ruffle butt flower onesies, Carolyn Sullivan- 2pks onesies, 2 pks diapers, 1 pk bibs.

The second shower was hosted by my wonderful sister in laws and brothers.
Susie Mauldin-gift card to target, Nanna Barbie-going home outfits, mini suit cases, picture frame w/money for Brian. Grandmolly- Onesies, Pooh outfits, ruffle butt outfits, baby colors book, Chris & Dusty-onesies & blankets, Tia-lights & music activity gym, Brothers & Wives- The shower, double stroller, and Brian's "toolbelt", Lori Henthorn- the best cake, socks, washcloths, and bath stuff disguised as decorations, Tana, Amy, Mya, & tanita- 2 carseats. Neices & Nephew- Monogrammed Onesies & burp cloths, Sandra Waldrop & family-Pink hat box, duckies, bibs, washcloths, outfits & Blankets, Ted & Frances Harper-Money.

We would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts and all of the support we have received since we made the announcement. We know that our girls will be the most loved girls. And that is the greatest feeling for Brian and I . We are so appreciative of everything. Thank you!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Showers and Baby Dropping :)

Last weekend we had a whirlwind trip to Waco for two days of meetings for TAIR and then off to Midland/Odessa for baby showers which was great. It is nice to get out of town and go visit family for a few days, but by the time Sunday rolled around it was time to go home. Our families are great and they have been so supportive through everything. We didn't even expect to have any baby showers, but by the end of may we will have had five, everyone is getting excited. It was nice to spend time with our family and friends, that is one bad thing about living so far away everyone is that it is hard to find time to get out of town for more than a few days. That is one thing when the babies get here we want to take them to all the family events that we have been missing for various reasons so they will know their family.

Ok on to the baby dropping, well on Tuesday we went to a class called "Breastfeeding for Multiples" which shows soon-to-be moms how to breastfeed two (or more) at the same time. It was an interesting class, and they showed how to do different positions to make mommy and babies comfortable. The other two couples that were there were having two boys and one was having a boy and a girl and they seemed pretty serious and by serious i mean not laid back. Well about halfway through the class Kristi had the baby on her lap (not a real baby a doll) and she was moving around and the baby fell right off of her leg onto the floor which wouldn't have been so funny, but it hit the floor and she said "oh shit" right as the lady next to her turned around, she smiled which for some reason set kristi and i on a laughing spree and we we couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes. Then the instructor asked what is so funny over there because both kristi and I were red as my shirt and bawling with laughter. So we told her what happened with the baby falling off of her knee, and the instructor said "Well I wouldn't recommend doing that to a real baby, they tend not to like that." Now the other couples didn't think it was too amusing, but I guess you just had to be there to realize how funny it was. Then throughout the rest of the class I couldn't even look at the baby she dropped because I would almost burst out laughing again.

We are in for an interesting ride :)