Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Year? Really??

Today Kristi and I started the morning by singing Happy Birthday to you girls, one year old, 12 months old, 365.24 days old, 8 765.81 hours old, 525 948.77 minutes old, 31 556 926 seconds old...WOW anyway you look at it it is hard to believe. 12 short months you girls were born and time has flown by. There are so many things that have happened, most chronicled in this blog LOL, but it is hard to believe a year has gone by already. Many memories have been made this year and many more to come, we love you girls more than you will ever know.

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Kallison and Aida, Happy Birthday to You!!!

Get ready for some cake for lunch, whoo hooo!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mothers day

It seems like forever since i have posted anything. The girls are great. They are super busy, which keeps me super busy. They are not walking yet, but are cruising around furniture, and Aida can stand by herself for a long time...she just cant quiet get that first step in, but she is hard at work trying to do that. They are absolutely into everything. There is not one place in the house that they have not tried to explore, and what ever can get into their mouths. DOES!!!!

Mothers day has rolled around, and if you kept up with our blog throughout the pregnancy then you know that last mothers day we spent in the hospital because the girls wanted to surprise us! You also know that they did not come out that weekend.
This mothers day the girls got me some very sweet cards and daddy worked extra hard to get their hand prints inside, very cute! And Brian got me a beautiful picture frame and printed one of our family pictures from the photo shoot. It was great. Brian had planned to grill me an awesome dinner, but i insisted that we go and visit his mom for the day. So after a long day at church and Brian volunteering with the single moms luncheon, we drove to houston and surprised brians mom. His dad knew so he had already made a yummy dinner.
It was a great first mothers day!!