Monday, November 16, 2009

Kallison and Aida, on Sunday your mom completed her first 1/2 marathon, a full 13.1 miles!!! She has been training for this for months and completed it, what an accomplishment with everything else she has done in the past year. Your mom is pretty much awesome in all ways, a great Christian, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, nursery director, etc. You girls are so lucky to have her as a mom. We Love You Baby!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween....not so much

Well the girls 2nd Halloween did not go so great, we had fun though. They did not want to get dressed in their costumes, but we are going to get pictures of them anyways. We had some friends over made hot dogs and gave out candy, we always seem to underestimate the candy though, every year we are THAT house that ran out of candy early. This year we survived till 8:30, yes 8:30, I remember growing up and trick or treating till 10pm and we barely survived till 8:30 LOL we had to close up the garage and move on inside. Had fun with friends and the girls hit a couple of houses for candy so it was a good time all in all. Plus I got some dark chocolate M & Ms, those are awesome.

Happy Halloween!!!!