Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blessed with the Best Family!!

Well it looks like neither Kristi nor I have posted lately. I guess when life gets busy the blog gets left behind. With kristi working 4 nights a week, my internship in full speed, and general craziness we are b-u-s-y but blessed!

So for the past few months so many awesome things have happened. Let me just say that our family is awesome. Between building play houses, throwing birthday parties, paying for swim lessons and spoiling our beautiful babies, wow, just awesome. They have been doing things for us that at this point in our lives we could not afford to do for the girls. Its pretty awesome to have such a loving supportive family, best grandparents in the world on both sides!!

We love you and appreciate everything!!

In other news as of today 6/23/2011 we have less than $3,700 left to pay off, down from $34,000 last April. What a year it has been, working hard, studying hard, spending less, being content with what we have, thank you Lord for guiding us in this endeavor. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it. The burden is lifting slowly off of my shoulders :). 5 more weeks of being in debt and we are done forever (besides the house).

Ok, back to the internship work!!